Year-End Round Up

We’re coming to the close of another year. With Thanksgiving having just passed, I’ll say that I am so thankful for life, health, art, family, friends, God, and just being here on this earth doing the work that I love, which is writing. I started working on my MFA in August at U of Kentucky, and I’m pleased to say that my poems are moving in a direction that I did not expect. I’m in a very historically black/Harlem Renaissance/black creativity and survival as resistance space with my work, and I am proud of what’s emerging. I am coupling research in African American Literature with my creative work. That said, I’ve done a lot of literary things this year (see previous post), and I hopefully have some big things forthcoming in 2018. Here’s a project that I did a couple years ago that I return to for inspiration and motivation for why I write: because #blacklivesmatter. Knock out the rest of this year STRONG. Then look forward and be proud that you made it because you did.



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